Differentiating your resume using accomplishments

Simply put, accomplishments are the best tool for you to differentiate yourself.

Similar people, with similar experience and training, apply on similar jobs. By filling your resume with clear accomplishments and results, you add an extra dimension to it, which really shows what makes you different. Our tips will help you create a “3-D resume”.

3D glasses

To give more dimension to your resume…

What are accomplishments on a resume?

Accomplishments (or results) are details that quantify or illustrate how well you handled your responsibilities, what you did beyond the scope of duty, how you exceeded expectations.

In other words, they are clear demonstrations of the value you brought to your employer.

Some examples:

  • Leadership roles
  • Additional profit you brought in
  • Training material you created
  • Time you saved (efficiency gains)

Nothing on your resume has more value, from the perspective of the reader.

Show them, don't tell them

Show them, don’t tell them! (with your accomplishments)

One big “but”

But crafting powerful results statements might be the hardest thing about writing solid resumes.

Which means you’ll have to work hard to write those.

Places to look for accomplishments and results

Measurable Results — Not easy for all job types, but critical for people in management or sales (where a lot of what you do gets measured). Show some of your best figures regarding budgeting, sales or management.

Qualitative results — Projects you led, deadlines you’ve met, special tasks you were given, great comments from people you supervised, etc.

Performance feedback — Performance appraisals are from a neutral party, and bring another employer’s perspective. Use them to detail positive traits which will be relevant in your next job.

Working on your accomplishments will take a lot of work, but they will be one of your best assets for job hunting. Right now, they will add depth to your resume — but they will also prove quite valuable during job interviews. Instead of telling interviewers you are dynamic, professional and results-oriented, show them!

Two or three key accomplishments are much more convincing than 100 adjectives.

All candidates look the same

You want to differentiate yourself! Without accomplishments, you will look like every other candidate.

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