Power posing – A job interview hack

Job interviews are stressful. Here’s an interview hack to make you more confident and reduce your stress. It’s based on science in the field of body language. Holding power poses for 2 minutes will make the hormones in your brain work in your favor. Do it right before an interview to put your body and mind in a better position.

More testosterone, less cortisol, for better job interviews

Testosterone is the dominance hormone (confidence, assertiveness). Cortisol is the stress hormone. When you hold a power pose, like the “Superman” or the “We are the Champions” shown in the video, your body language is actually making you less stressed and more confident, through those hormones. These power poses are about occupying a lot of space and displaying dominance. And doing this actually puts your brain in a “leader mode.”

To see the science (and the scientist) behind this, check this fantastic TED talk by Amy Cuddy.

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