Making your resume stand out, by using a quick-hitting summary

Resume templates often leave out a very important part of the resume : the summary. The role of your resume summary is to show, in less than 15 seconds, that you have what it takes to handle the job. Like in speed dating, a lot of the resume selection process relies on first impressions. Use that fact to your advantage by opening your resume with your best punches.

Adding punch to your resume

Adding punch to your resume.

What to include in your resume summary?

  • Years of experience
  • Results/accomplishments
  • Diplomas/prestigious institutions
  • Expertise
  • Leadership roles
  • Awards and recognition

Usually, these pieces are all you need (the top 3 are the most useful). We suggest to use bullets instead of one long paragraph. After all, the goal is get your message across quickly, right?

The summary must reflect the job ad

Everything in your summary must be a clear response to important requests of the job ad. Its purpose is not to showcase what you’re proud of. It is to quickly demonstrate that you have what the employer is looking for!

(A lot of resumes are eliminated in 15 seconds or less. But yours won’t – hopefully – because of your tailored summary. It will get you to the next round.)

Speed dating event

Just like in speed dating, your resume must seduce very quickly!

If a job ad isn’t available, make sure your summary establishes the basics (Do you have experience in this field? How many years? What about a diploma?). And if you hesitate between this or that, ask yourself this question: What is rare? What makes you positively different from people with an otherwise similar profile? Present the element that makes you different. Unique.

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